Thake Family Endowment for Thomas Metcalf School

The Thake Family Endowment was created in 2010 to support the professional growth of faculty associates at Thomas Metcalf School. This award was established by the Thake family which has more than 90 years of involvement with Illinois State University. After Mel Thake's death in 2006, a scholarship was started to honor his passion for the outdoor education program at Metcalf School. In 2010, Barbara Thake, his wife, and children, Mary Beth Thake and Bill Thake, decided to expand this scholarship to honor the entire family's legacy at the University, which has played an important part in each of their lives. It is in this spirit that the Thake family would like to give back to Illinois State University. They have a special interest in programs related to physical education but the family looks forward to knowing the innovative ideas that can be fostered with this award.

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