O. Lillian Barton - Adeline Stevenson Nurse Scholarship

Adeline Stevenson Nurse made a bequest through her will to ISU. The fund is to be held in perpetuity, and the income used for the education of students majoring in elementary education. All elementary education major students are eligible for consideration for the scholarship. This account was combined with the O. Lillian Barton Fund. The O. Lillian Barton Scholarship was established by the women of Barton Hall and friends of Dean Barton emeritus in 1958. The award is to assist a senior woman while student teaching. Candidate must be: a female student at ISU; enrolled in teacher education; student teaching at the time the award is made; have a good academic record; and have a demonstrated financial need. Assets of this endowment are invested in the ISU Endowment Investment Pool.

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