Lucie Critical Thinking Award Endowment

The Lucie Critical Thinking Award was established at University High School in 1996 by Teresa Lucie Thompson, for the purpose of supporting graduating seniors who exemplify critical thinking skills. Thompson earned her B.S. in 1978 and her M.S.E. in 1987, both from Illinois State. She began her career as a faculty associate and English department chair at University High School, worked in marketing and public relations at State Farm Insurance, became vice president of marketing for Safeco Insurance, and serves as Purdue University's vice president for marketing and media. Each candidate shall be nominated for this award by a U-High teacher and must enroll in a college or university in the fall semester following graduation from University High School; demonstrate a spirit of inquiry and a desire for knowledge; and challenge conventional assumptions, have a spirit of critical receptiveness to alternate possibilities, and be willing to propose unique solutions to problems.

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