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Illinois Art Station Fund

College of Arts and Sciences Dean of Arts and Sciences

The Illinois Art Station Fund was established with a gift from Laura Berk in 2016 to support efforts involved in the exploration, development, and sustainability of hands-on visual arts programming and space to serve children, youth, and their families in the wider community. Coordinated by the College of Arts and Sciences at Illinois State University, the Illinois Art Station will provide educational and self-expressive visual arts experiences to individuals primarily in McLean County, taught and guided by professional artists/art educators, with deliberate efforts to reach at-risk and otherwise undeserved young people. Simultaneously, Illinois Art Station will provide ISU students and faculty with opportunities to pursue learning, scholarship, and civic engagement in the visual arts related to the aforementioned purpose. Illinois Art Station is uniquely responsive to ISU's values of civic engagement, diversity and inclusion, collaboration, and learning and scholarship.

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