Dr. and Mrs. Harry D. Lovelass U-High to ISU Scholarship

This scholarship was originally established at University High School in 1996 by Thomas and Meredith Lovelass, in memory of Harry and Mescall Lovelass. In 2009, the scholarship guidelines were expanded such that awards would be given to students who will attend Illinois State University. Harry was principal and later director of University High School. Mescal served as an English teacher for Unit 5 for over fifteen years. The scholarship is to be awarded annually at $1000 each to two students as long as funds are received to make this award possible. Each candidate must be a U-High senior who has been accepted and enrolled to attend ISU in the fall semester following graduation, and they must have a grade point of at least 3.2 and demonstrated evidence of leadership and service. Whenever possible, one of the scholarships is to be awarded to a student enrolling in the College of Education, and the other to a student enrolling in any college at ISU.

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