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Milner Library Funds

Total funds:7

Milner Library Fund

The Milner Library Fund supports the general operating needs of Milner Library at Illinois State University. Milner has been an active partner in the teaching, learning, and service activities of Illinois State University. Milner librarians provide research assistance and library instruction customized to meet the needs of students and faculty.

Milner Library Special Collections Fund

Milner Library Special Collections Fund was created in 2015 to support Special Collections at Milner Library.

Rayfield Dallinger Fund to Support University History

The purpose of this fund is to provide financial assistance to support the preservation of university history at Milner Library, Illinois State University. Funds might be used to collect and preserve materials related to university history, to promote research on university history, and to disseminate historical information about the ...

Bruce "Charlie" Johnson Circus Collections Endowment Fund

The Bruce "Charlie" Johnson Circus Special Collections Endowment fund was established in 2016 by Bruce A. Johnson. Bruce started performing as Charlie the Juggling Clown in 1974. He began his circus career in 1976 when he joined Circus Kirk, the first touring professional youth circus. He is internationally recognized as an entertainer, author, ...

Bryant Jackson Library Lectureship

This endowment was established in 2002 by Joe Kraus in honor of Bryant Jackson, his associate university librarian, who was a member of the Milner Library faculty from 1960-1986. The fund provides for guest speakers and library leaders as well as workshops, learning materials, research, scholarship, and publication to promote staff development ...

Doris Grube Zeck Library Outreach Fund

The Doris Grube Zeck Library Outreach Fund was established in 2018 by Dr. Sharon Zeck to support outreach activities, including exhibit related costs, receptions and speakers at Milner Library. Funds may also be used to support the DC Internship Program.

Milner Student Success Center

The Milner Student Success Center fund was started in 2019 to help equip, maintain, and enhance the Student Success Center. Located on the first floor of Milner Library, the Student Success Center will serve as an innovative campus hub for learning, research, and technology. A highly interactive, service-focused, and technology rich space, this ...