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Finance, Insurance and Law Funds

Total funds:7

EIF Enhancement Fund

The EIF Enhancement Fund was established in 2000 to support the general operating needs of the Educational Investment Fund course at Illinois State University. The Educational Investment Fund (EIF) course provides a real-world investing opportunity for students who have a strong academic background in finance, as well as academic and career ...

Finance, Insurance and Law General Fund

The Finance, Insurance and Law General fund was established in 1978 to provide support for the activities, programs and operations associated with the department. The Finance, Insurance and Law is a department in the College of Business.

Additionally Supports: COUNTRY Financial Distinguished Junior in Finance, COUNTRY Financial Distinguished Senior in Finance

Financial Planning and Analysis Support Fund

The Financial Planning and Analysis Support Fund supports the initiatives related to the Institute for Financial Planning and Analysis, such as education and outreach to the university and broader community, student professional development, financial literacy, workshops, internships, speaker series, technology student scholarships and more.

EIF Faculty Support Fund

The EIF Faculty Support Fund was established in 2010 by the Department of Finance Insurance and Law. The intention is for donations from alumni and friends of the finance program and the Educational Investment Fund course to endow the fund. The purpose of the fund is to support faculty members who teach courses linking investment theory with ...

Educational Fixed-Income Enhancement Fund

The students in the class FIL 346: FIxed-Income Analysis and Portfolio Management, under the guidance of the course instructor and Department of Finance, Insurance and Law professors, will recommend investment trades and transactions within the Fund. During periods when the class is not in session, the governing team will be soley responsible ...

Finance, Insurance, and Law (FIL) Advisory Board Endowed Scholarship

The Finance, Insurance, and Law (FIL) Advisory Board Endowed Scholarship was created in 2018 through a transfer of funds from the FIL Advisory Board Excellence Fund. The scholarship provides financial support for juniors and seniors enrolled in any major in Finance, Insurance, and Law Department. Preference is given to students who demonstrate ...

Finance, Insurance, and Law (FIL) Scholarship Fund

The Finance, Insurance and Law (FIL) Scholarship Fund provides support for the activities, programs, and operations, including named commemorative scholarships and awards, of the department.

Additionally Supports: Business Major Filed Test Award, Center for Investment Research and Analysis Award, Charlie Norman Outstanding, David Mistic Award, Educational Fixed Income Fund Scholarship, Educational Investment Fund Scholarship, Erika Gilbert Student Mentorship Award, Finance Achievement Award, Finance Futurity Award, Finance Initiative Award, Finance Professional Excellence Award, Finance, Insurance And Law (FIL) Scholarship Fund, Financial Management Association Leadership Award, Illinois State Alumni in Finance Scholarship, Illinois State Students in Finance Leadership Awards, Jordan Styx Scholarship, Outstanding Junior in Finance, Outstanding Legal Environment of Business Student, Outstanding Senior in Finance