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English Funds

Total funds:5

English Department General Fund

The English Department General Fund provides support for the activities, programs, and operations, including named commemorative scholarships and awards, of the department.

Additionally Supports: Diversity and Equity, Excellence in TESOL Award, George R. Canning Award, Glenn Grever Award for Outstanding Teaching by a Masters Student, Grammie Scholarship, Maurice Scharton Scholarship, Publications Unit Publishing Award, Taimi Ranta Award for Outstanding Teaching by a Ph.D. Student

English Alumni Advisory Board Scholarship Fund

The English Alumni Advisory Board Scholarship Fund was established in 2017 with an initial transfer of $5,000 from fund 4245234 and gifts from the English Alumni Advisory Board members. The fund provides a scholarship to support an English undergraduate student.

Obsidian: Literature and Arts in the African Diaspora Fund

The Obsidian: Literature & Arts in the African Diaspora Fund was established in 2019 to provide financial support associated with operating and promoting the Publishing Platform. Funds may also be used to support students' professional development and to encourage student involvement in the Publishing Platform's editorial and production work. ...

William Morgan Poetry Award

The William Morgan Poetry Award was established in 2003 by William Morgan. The award is normally given annually to an undergraduate English major who demonstrates excellence in both the writing of original poetry and in the scholarly and critical study of poetry. The award is also normally given annually to a master's or Ph.D. candidate in ...