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Economics Funds

Total funds:8

Economics Department General Fund

The Economics Department General Fund provides support for the activities, programs, and operations, including named commemorative scholarships and awards, of the department. The Department of Economics at Illinois State University has a longstanding reputation for excellence in research, education and community service.

Additionally Supports: Scott M. Elliot Graduate Scholarship

Deborah D. Amdor Scholarship

The Deborah D. Amdor Endowed Scholarship was created in 2015 by Deborah D. Amdor. The purpose of the award is to assist students interested in pursuing a degree in Economics. Preference will be given to female students who demonstrate financial need and are from south of Interstate 80 in the State of Illinois.

Dr. John Chizmar and Dr. Anthony Ostrosky Endowed Scholarship

Th Dr. John Chizmar and Dr. Anthony Ostrosky Endowed Scholarship was established in 2008 to honor the exemplary careers of John (Jack) Chizmar and Anthony (Tony) Ostrosky as professors in the department of economics at Illinois State University. The scholarship provides support for an undergraduate economics major with preference given to a ...

Dr. Warren R. Harden Endowed Seminar & Lecture Series

The Dr. Warren R. Harden Endowed Seminar and Lecture Series will provide the resources to support the Department's ongoing invited seminar and lectures series. These funds will in part cover the cost of travel, lodging, and meals and in some cases, honorarium for a speaker. These funds may also be used at the discretion of the department chair ...

Economics Endowment for Graduate Student Excellence Fund

This fund was established in 2011 by the chair of the Department of Economics through an estate gift from former graduate student Wei Wei Ray. The purpose of the fund is to support an annual award for graduate students. The family of Ms. Ray supports the use of her generous estate gift because she remembered her time at Illinois State fondly, ...

F. Russell Glasener-Economics Advisory Board Undergraduate Scholarship

F. Russell Glasener taught economics at Illinois State Normal University for almost a quarter century, from 1935 to 1959. While on faculty he served as the first Secretary-Treasurer of the University Foundation and helped to organize the University Council, serving as its president for two years. As a volunteer leader in the community he served ...

Additionally Supports: F. Russell Glasener-Economics Advisory Board Undergraduate Scholarhip

Ron Ulmer Endowed Scholarship In Economics

Ron Ulmer received a B.S. in secondary education in 1970 and a Masters degree in economics in 1975 from Illinois State University. He enjoyed careers in teaching, rate analysis, marketing, and entrepreneurship. When Ron was an instructor he appreciated the efforts of average students who had a passion for learning and a willingness to work ...

Scott M. Elliott Cross-Disciplinary Pilot Program

The Scott M. Elliott Cross-Disciplinary Pilot Program is a multi-year endeavor funded by the generous contribution from Scott M. Elliott, 1985 alum of the Department of Economics. The Pilot Program funds are intended to provide the most flexibility to the respective research teams to maximize the potential for successful completion of the ...

Additionally Supports: Elliott Cross-Disciplinary Pilot Program