Dianne Brewer Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics

The Dianne Brewer Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics fund was established in 2013 to honor Dianne Kay Brewer and her many years of service to the Mathematics Department. Dianne had five siblings and grew up on a farm. After graduating from Wenona High School, she worked her way through college, majoring in elementary education. She was the only one of her immediate family to attend college. After graduating from Illinois State in 1975, she began work there in 1977, initially in placement services. She joined the Mathematics Department in March of 1979 and, in three short years, became the lead staff person there. Dianne continued in that role until her death on January 16, 2013. She is remembered for the assistance she provided to a large number of students enrolling in mathematics classes, both majors and non-majors. She also performed many other tasks effectively and efficiently, helping the department function smoothly.

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